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Top Tips for Schools

Written on 27 January, 2023
Top Tips for Schools 1

Data Privacy Day is celebrated on 28th January every year, so to join in with the celebrations, we asked our schools for their top tips about the importance of Data Protection in schools:

“Don’t go it alone. Develop a positive culture in school around data protection – encourage staff to be curious, but don’t frighten them. Encourage open and honest lines of communication. Above all, if in doubt ask! Use the highly skilled individuals in the EDH team to ask for help – I do it all the time! We can’t expect to be experts ourselves so ask the experts instead!”  Catherine Robinson, Stonelow Junior School.

“It MUST be taken seriously. Look at your emails – having a lax attitude about how we receive, respond to and store communication is one of the ways that we could sleepwalk into loads of bother. And stop saving passwords!!”  Rebecca Fenby, Hady Primary School.

“The small things matter. Keeping data secure and now only writing what is essential makes a huge difference to the possibility of a data breach and therefore of keeping ourselves and our data protected.”  Sarah Bentley, Etwall Primary School.

“Passwords are king. Approach any data with ‘fresh eyes’ and treat all data you handle as if it is your own data.”  Tim Cocking, Eckington Camms Primary School.

“The most important lesson for me is around pupil data and safety. Having started my teaching career over 20 years ago, there were many practices I followed because I knew they worked or that was how it was always done! Looking at how easy it was for someone to gain information about a pupil from a book cover or a school tracker made me rethink how information should be presented and shared in school.”  Prince Regent Street Trust.

To find out more about how our Data Protection Service can help your school, please email us on [email protected]