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Read what people have to say about the Education Data Hub

Latest Testimonials

Lynne – CEO and Founder of GDPR in Schools Ltd


A superb organisation in every respect, the Education Data Hub (EDH) puts schools at the centre of all they do. They have a vast knowledge of data protection regulations and have managed to translate this into a format to which schools can relate.

EDH have helped their schools throughout every step of their compliance journey. They hold regular webinars to ensure schools understand what they are needed to do and how to do it. The staff are so friendly and helpful and have a vast amount of experience. They truly know their customers well and make them feel at ease in complex legislation matters.

Team members are always on top of what is going on in the schools and support and provide upskilling on a regular basis. As a third party supplier GDPRiS has always found EDH very friendly and approachable.





Iain Wilson – Headteacher

Ridgeway Primary School

“The question I would ask schools about the DCC Education Hub is, why haven’t you subscribed already?

You could not ask for a more helpful, approachable, supportive and informed team. From GDPR audits and training to Subject Access Requests, from DPIAs to policy support, the team is always on hand to help and support us with the latest data related query or problem. They have taken the stress out of the recent changes to data protection, whilst at the same time upskilling me and my team.

I cannot recommend their service highly enough and the cost is so much less than a fine from the ICO!”

Kate Gemmell – Headteacher

Bamford Primary School

“We have been using Data Protection Officer service for the past few years and it is one of the traded services that I would highly recommend to all schools, but particularly small schools.

The team help to ensure schools are fully compliant for GDPR and receive quality annual update training.  Their specialist knowledge and support is invaluable and provides the reassurances that my governors and I need.”



Donna Johnson – Headteacher

Antony Bek School

“Thank you for the training last night. The feedback from everyone has been so positive about your method of delivery and engaging people after a long day at work and clearly refreshing everyone about the messages is crucial.

Even I drove back to school to empty my ‘to shred’ box and check my desk for any files and folders.”

Chris Orridge – Acting Head and DSL

Crich Junior School

“I was a little apprehensive this morning of doing a full day of GDPR training if I’m honest. I was prepared to be mildly stressed by some or all of the messages. However, whilst the training did have that effect slightly, I also felt very reassured by your messages of support and calm delivery/non-judgemental approach to GDPR mistakes and accidents.

The way you encouraged us to view GDPR (similar to a safeguarding culture) was refreshing and I am so glad I have bought into your team’s support package. I really enjoyed the day and learnt lots but mostly feel truly supported in this area, which has caused me lots of concerns since my time in the hot seat started in January.

Thank you and I can’t wait to get the staff trained and discuss the issues that we covered today.”


Jenny Allin – Headteacher

Fairfield Infant and Nursery School

“Dear (DPO)

I am writing to thank you for all your support this year. I have really valued being able to phone or email and get immediate support and advice. This year has sent its fair number of challenges and you and your team have always been on hand to talk us through our next steps.

I was particularly impressed with the training you gave to all staff via Teams for our Inset on Cyber Safety and GDPR. It was clear, concise and interactive. The GDPR audit was a positive process and created a clear action plan to improve our compliance.

Thank you for your continued excellent service.”

Neil Redman – Computing & Remote Learning Coordinator

Fairfield Endowed CofE Junior School

“Without our DPO and the services she provides, it would be impossible to navigate the rules, regulations and paperwork required for GDPR compliance.  Her experience in this field and the network of schools she services mean that she has an immediate answer to most questions and where not sure she has the contacts to find these out quickly.

Her training courses are appropriate to all experience levels within the school, delivered in a friendly but professional way and up to date with the latest requirements.  In my opinion the most useful service is the provision of DPIAs. Because our DPO has set up or been involved with setting up of common apps and websites which are used between many schools, she often has extensive knowledge. The service provides immediate templates for the school to alter to their own specifications.

In conclusion, I would thoroughly recommend our DPO and the Education Data Hub of Children’s Services (Derbyshire County Council) for GDPR and Cyber Security needs.”

Peter Lambert – Headteacher

Chinley Primary School

“The service we receive as a school has been excellent. The team are highly responsive and communicate promptly and with clarity – often required in a field where school staff have limited expertise. It is reassuring to know that when adopting a new system or resource the team quickly complete the checks needed to ensure compliance and safe working. I have been very grateful that often responsibility for liaison with the various companies is completed directly by the team ensuring no time is wasted and all paperwork completed correctly – and most importantly the right questions asked.

We have found the service invaluable from both an operational and safe working perspective but in also providing training for the wider staff to ensure they understand their roles and responsibilities linked to GDPR.

The provision is good value for money and I would recommend it to other schools looking for a similar service.”

Mrs Judith Reynolds – Headteacher

Greenside Primary School

“GDPR used to make my veins run cold and then we discovered the DPO service at Derbyshire Children’s Services. Our DPO provided comprehensive training for the whole staff, audited our current systems and produced an action plan for improvement which was easy to follow and implement. She took the fear away and made sure that we all know what our roles are in data protection and safeguarding the information we hold.

Our DPO is always reassuring whenever there is a GDPR problem and swiftly deals with any breaches or issues telling us exactly what to do and how to do it. It is so reassuring to know that she is at the end of the phone if I need her and when I have needed her, she has been amazing.

I no longer lie awake at night worrying about GDPR thanks to our DPO’s expert support.”

Matthew Winson – Headteacher

Hasland Junior School

“I think it is a truly fantastic service.

You get peace of mind knowing that any queries and concerns are dealt with by knowledgeable professionals. I am also always staggered by the speed at which you return my queries. Quick – but always considered.

You have also helped with ANY query I have asked. It is without doubt well worth the subscription.”

Nichola Way – Executive Head Teacher

Unity Federation

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the friendly and efficient support that you have given to the school.  We have previously worked with an independent DPO and although I thought that we were fully compliant, I can see now how far away we really were.

The audit process was thorough, without being onerous.  Your unique background certainly supports your understanding of the context and pressures that schools are under, while being able to guide them through the minefield of legislation.  I also felt the practical examples gave it a strong context and realism.

I can see that the school is going to go from strength to strength…and I’ll be able to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that we are being fully supported.

Thank you”

Nicky Wise – Chief Operations Officer

Victorious Academies Trust

“Victorious Academies Trust have worked with Derbyshire County Council Education Data Hub Data Protection Officer services for the past two years with a service level agreement covering our Trust and seven primary schools across Tameside and Derbyshire.

The service that has been provided has always gone above and beyond and we have received added value at every stage.  Staff across our schools are confident in the support provided as the staff within the Hub understand the schools sector and provide appropriate and relevant advice whenever this is sought.  They have carried out audits across all schools and upskilled staff, providing focussed training to different groups both face to face and virtually across our seven sites.

Our Trust has become more complex over the past two years, with additional staff and pupils joining our growing organisation and the team have adapted to our changing needs at every stage of our growth.  We are provided with a service at Trust level, rolling out policies and procedures along with training and support across all schools, along with dedicated support to staff in schools to deal with specific queries and issues that arise.  The response is always quick, and the advice is always clear and focussed so that staff know what next steps to take.

We have faith and trust in the support provided by experienced members of the team who understand our Trust, provide relevant advice whenever requested and react and adapt to issues as they arise.  The DPO and Cyber teams are always friendly, approachable and supportive.”