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Our Services

The team at Education Data Hub is here to help you on every step of the journey to Data Excellence and to support you we have created a range of services to help you manage your data in compliant, secure and effective ways.

Our Services 1

Data Protection

Our Services 2

Know Your Data

Helping you to “Know Your Data”

Our Data Protection Officers (DPOs) can conduct a GDPR Compliance Review to help you identify your data flows and stores and review how they are managed.

Our Services 3

Protect Your Data

Helping you to “Protect Your Data”

Using our GDPR Toolkit, our DPOs will help you to implement the right organisational measures (systems / policies / procedures) for your organisation.

Our Services 4

Embed Compliance Culture

Helping you to “Embed Compliance Culture”

Our Data Protection Officer Service utilises the GDPRiS Compliance Management Platform, alongside our GDPR Staff Training to help your school build a Privacy by Design approach.

Cyber Security

Our Services 5

Know Your Infrastructure

Helping you to “Know Your Infrastructure”

Our Data Security Consultants can conduct a Cyber Security Readiness Assessment or full Audit identifying all the systems and safeguards that support your organisation and review how they are managed.

Our Services 6

Protect Your Infrastructure

Helping you to “Protect Your Infrastructure”

As the output from an Audit or as a part of our Consultancy Service we can advise on the right technical measures (equipment / filtering / policies & procedures) for your school and help you move towards the latest standards or to Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Our Services 7

Embed Compliance Culture

Helping you to “Embed Compliance Culture”

Our Cyber Awareness training for staff and Online Safety training for pupils, alongside our toolkits and the FREE Cyber Alarm monitoring service with help your school build a robust approach to data security.

Data Management

Our Services 8

Supply of Integris Management Information System

Licence and Support

Save money on our exceptional value licence and expert support services for the Integris MIS.  Our friendly, approachable and knowledgeable Data Management Team enable schools and academies to get the most from their data using the extensive number of modules included in the Integris licence.  Comprising of:

  • Attendance (recording / monitoring / reporting)
  • Assessment (statutory / tracking)
  • Behaviour (statutory / school defined)
  • Communication (Pupils / Contacts / Staff),
  • Cover
  • Data sharing
  • Reporting
  • Plus both pupil and staff data management as well as Statutory returns. 

We accept schools and academies from both inside and outside the Derbyshire County Council local authority area.

Our Services 9

Training and Support Desk for Integris MIS

An expert accredited Support Team who are just a phone call or email away.

We offer:

  • Face to face and online training
  • Additional to the software help guides, over 60 process driven guidance documents, including DfE statutory returns
  • Regular newsletters with timely articles and reminders
  • A wealth of peripheral school knowledge from a long-established, well-respected team who take pride in going the extra mile.
Our Services 10

Website Health Check

Website Review Service

A review of your schools website to check it includes all information required to comply with the School Information Regulations 2012 and 2016 and related legislation (e.g. GDPR)

This service will assess your school website’s compliance with government required standards and identify any changes required.

Online Safety

Our Services 11


Our Online Safety training highlights those changes to provide your school staff with up-to-date guidance on what your setting should have in place for effective Online Safety provision to protect and safeguard your pupils and staff.