Cyber Security for Governors and Trustees

Written on 19 February, 2022

Governors and Trustees should:

  • Have an awareness of online threats and ensure cyber security and online safety are part of safeguarding.
  • Support and critically challenge the school in implementing effective online safety and security policy, procedure, and practice.
  • Make informed decisions about the school’s IT support provision and services. Ensure contractual obligations and service levels are clear.
  • Ensure the school provides an appropriate level of filtering and monitoring.
  • Receive and act upon reports from senior leaders / IT support providers.
  • Ensure children are taught about online safeguarding.
  • Provide all staff with appropriate online safety and cyber awareness training.

Know which questions to ask, by referring to the National Cyber Security Centre’s guidance: Questions for Governors and Trustees  

Keeping Children Safe in Education Guidance States:

“Education settings are directly responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate level of security protection procedures in place, in order to safeguard their systems, staff, and learners and review the effectiveness of these procedures periodically to keep up with evolving cyber-crime technologies.”

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