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Be Cyber Secure – Be Cyber Savvy!

Written on 28 February, 2022

Be Cyber Secure - Be Cyber Savvy! 1

Help beat cybercrime

Cybercrime is increasing and criminals are finding new ways to target our personal information and cause disruption to our systems.

To help make sure systems stay protected only enter your login details and password to access an authorised device.

 It is extremely important that you:

  • Lock your computer when you leave it.
  • Use strong passwords, following the NCSC guidance.
  • Use a password manager rather than using the remember password option in your internet browser.
  • Report and delete any suspicious emails – do not reply.
  • DO NOT click on any links or attachments in emails you are unsure of. Don’t reset your password via an email, login as usual and manage your password within the application.
  • Follow your school’s security, BYOD and acceptable use policy, and don’t use unauthorised equipment.
  • DO NOT attempt to install software, music, games etc – this can allow viruses on to the device.

Remember, never share your login details at work or at home.

If you notice unusual activity or feel your details have been put at risk you MUST immediately:

  • Change your password
  • Report the incident through your usual school channels

To help you feel more safe and secure online, complete the FREE Digital MOT– just answer a few simple questions about your online habits and see the most important steps you can take to avoid being a victim of cybercrime and receive help on strengthening your security.

Be Cyber Secure – Be Cyber Savvy!