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Cyber Security for Early Years

Young children may not be able to read words or design passwords, but they can begin to understand the importance of keeping things safe. Teachers and Parents alike can open the discussion about privacy and its importance to small children outside of their use of computers and devices.

Using the story of Nettie and Webby, adults can introduce cybersecurity to young children. It is not only about getting them to behave securely online, it is also about establishing a way children and adults can talk about cyber security and digital safeguarding as they grow.

Authored by Wendy Goucher, who helped produce the school curriculum for security awareness to children aged 5 to 18, these books are a must for the library shelf.

Cyber Security for Early Years
Nettie in Cyberland

Nettie in Cyberland

Go on adventures with Nettie and Webby, who will help children learn about cybersecurity in an engaging way. This book takes Nettie on her first adventure in Cyberland with her new friend Webby, where she finds that not everything is cute and fluffy.

An invaluable book for parents and teachers that introduces the importance of cybersecurity to children.

Relevant links are included at the end of the book to help parents and carers further their understanding of risk and protection on the Internet.

Nettie in Cyberland

Which one Nettie?

In this book, the start of the conversation is around the importance of locking screens on devices, but where it goes from there is up to you. Academic research has shown the importance of planting the seeds of understanding of password safety with children as soon as possible so they develop good safe cyber habits.

Further discussion at the end of the book points towards a basic understanding about designing strong password security and the importance of keeping passwords private.

Cyber Security for Early Years 1

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