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Do you know how to use your school website and social media accounts to promote your school effectively? Learn what you should post online, and what you shouldn’t.

Course Outline

Every aspect of the school website reflects the ethos and values of the school. It is the heart of your online identity. Social media accounts are increasingly used to provide a less formal interaction with parents and enable a fast and current feel to news items and events. The course will cover the strengths and weaknesses of both, and the dangers of over-sharing.

Course Description

Many settings use social media accounts to celebrate achievements and to communicate with parents. Increasingly, this form of communication is used more by parents than traditional school websites.

This course will guide you through understanding the key differences between the two and how to use both of them effectively.

  • This course will support you in understanding what your school website should contain and what can be shared.
  • You will learn when social media is appropriate, what your social media policy should cover, and why old accounts should always be deleted.
  • There will be a chance to seek advice on controlling and moderating website and social media content, restricting accounts, and handling parental concerns / complaints.

Understand how to safely promote your setting online, the key issues which can arise and understand how to handle them.

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