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Packed with hints and tips on using Outlook, and covering scheduling functions, reminders, alerts and email security, this session will aid efficiency and safeguard your communications.

Course Outline

Emailing has now overtaken letter writing and phone to be the most common form of communication.Outlook enables users to read, write, file, flag, and process emails effectively.Misdirected and unsecure emails are frequently the cause of data breaches and the most common cause of cyber-attacks. Encrypting messages and understanding how to tell if messages are genuine is a crucial skill in the modern world.Learn how Outlook’s calendar function can effectively support time management, enable you to create meetings and tasks, and schedule functions easily and efficiently.

Course Description

The webinar covers the following:

  • A basic overview of Outlook
  • Message previews and options
  • Mailbox rules, out of office responses, and key features
  • Flagging, categorising, and encryption
  • Outlook Calendar overview
  • Scheduling tasks, meetings, and events
  • Features and tips

You will also have a chance to ask questions and raise any queries you may have.

Understand how to use the key features of Microsoft Outlook, including the calendar, to make your working life simpler.

Course Audience

Suitable for those who teach the basics in the classroom, use the software in the school office, or create presentations at the most senior level

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