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Know what to ask when choosing IT provision, how to hold your existing supplier to account, and how your Service Level Agreement protects your school.

Course Outline

Your IT provision is a key part of your school management and strategic development. This course will teach you how to ensure your school systems are secure, IT provision meets with legislative requirements and ensure you aren’t giving your supplier more control than you need to.

Course Description

Schools have the freedom to choose IT suppliers and many factors influence that decision. Many schools want a local provider, have a limited budget and, as professional educators, lack the technical confidence to challenge the service they receive. 
This course will cover: 

  • What you should invest in and the order of implementation to ensure your network is fit for purpose.
  • Why your Service Level Agreement is vital and what it should contain.
  • Ensuring your filtering meets with legislation and Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.
  • How often your backup should run and where it should be backing up to.
  • Why having more provision can sometimes leave you more exposed.

Attendees will feel confident in holding their IT providers to account for service levels and for ensuring the standards of provision meet the minimum required to keep the school network running smoothly, safely, and securely. 


Course Audience

Headteachers – IT Leads – Business Managers

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